Scottish teachers and classroom assistants: let us know your views

4 Feb

Teachers' terms and conditions (for latest developments see the Voice Website)

The Scottish Government and COSLA are trying to push through proposals which will affect terms and conditions of service. The SNCT meets again on 9 February in order to consider these proposals.

The main proposals are:

1. To pay supply teachers at point 1 of the Main grade scale for the first 15 days of cover; long-term supply would remain as at present.

2. The Chartered Teacher Scheme would be suspended for one year or even ended.

3. Lifetime conservation would be ended and replaced by cash conservation.

4. Probationers would have 0.8FTE class contact as opposed to the 0.7FTE as at present.

5. Sickness benenefit would be paid at 90% of salary from the first day of absence.

There are proposals to maintain teacher numbers as at the 2010 level less a maximum of 900, but there are no safeguards to ensure that local authorities stick to the figures, particularly as the staffing numbers are not known.

Voice's Scottish Executive Committee (SEC) is putting together its response to these proposals and we would like to hear teachers’ views so these can be taken to the meeting. Have your say below…

(Voice members can also contact their local representative or the Edinburgh office ( direct.)

Classroom assistants

As budget cuts are being announced across Scotland, it is clear that classroom assistants are being targeted in a number of places.

Have your say on this issue below…

(Voice members in Scotland can also contact the Edinburgh office ( ) direct for advice or information.

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7 Responses to “Scottish teachers and classroom assistants: let us know your views”

  1. Kirsti Paterson 04. Feb, 2011 at 8:39 pm #

    The loss of classroom assistants to education is very serious in the fact that:
    children’s learning will be affected
    teacher’s workload will be increased
    the high quality of partnership between home and school because of the teamed work between teacher & classroom assistant will be lost e.g. early intervention techniques especially with early stages, the pastoral care which classroom assistants show towards pupils

    • Kirsti Paterson 15. Feb, 2011 at 5:31 pm #

      15th February, 2011

      I have attended a Trade Union Meeting today, with ECS officials and Personel to examine the change in Budget recommendation of the removal of classroom assistants from August 2011.

      The savings have yet to be made but are reduced are being done over two school years.
      In order to be better informed as to how these savings are going to be made the following has been agreed:
      A Review body is to be set up, consisting of practitioners e.g. teachers, Head Teachers, classroom support, parents and pupils views will be considered.
      The aim of this Review will be to examine classroom support in Primary schools i.e. to include classroom assistants and support for learning auxiliaries. The outcome from this Review will be known in June.

      Because of timing, there is unlikely to be any changes in positions in August 2011.

  2. Alison Taylor 11. Feb, 2011 at 3:54 pm #

    Regions across Scotland are deciding to cuts in various support areas. Some are targeting and reducing the number of Learning Support Teachers others are cutting Additional Needs Assistants and others Classroom Assistants. Parents do not seem to be fully aware of the reduction in support for pupil’s learning. Councils across Scotland (and the rest of the UK) appear to prefer cutting essential services rather than take the time to make efficiency savings in areas that we could do without. They have total disregard for the education of our young people – the workers of tomorrow. Shame on them!

    • Maureen Cummings 12. Mar, 2011 at 10:04 pm #

      It is understandable that cuts are required to be made throughout the United Kingdom. Why should it be that Support staff should be targeted so hard? Reducing the numbers of Learning Support Teachers and Additional Support Assistants/ Classroom Assistants, is NOT the way forward.
      The children and young people in our schools are the future if our country. Why then are we going to deny them the right to have the support they require in order to be educated to the highest standard possible. To deny them this right, is nothing short than ..CRIMINAL!
      We EMBRACED inclusion, and rightly so. Every child should be supported according to the needs they may have. Are parents aware of the HUGE implications such "cuts" will impact on their children? Not only will children with Additional Educational Needs be affected but this will affect ALL children to some degree or other.
      The Curriculum for Excellence requires ALL staff to work together to achieve the goals asked of them. Without support staff or reduced support staff, the "Excellence" simply would be difficult to achieve. Our teachers already have HUGE workloads and are stretched to the limit. Our education system has changed and evolved, especially, over the last 10 to15 years. Support staff are highly skilled, qualified professionals, not as was thought of in the past as "the woman who comes in to clean the paint pots". No, support staff have made such an impact in supporting their teachers and pupils to the highest standards required. This happens every day in every school in our country. Our "Voices" MUST be heard and listened too so that we may continue to support our teachers and both work hand in hand for our children ..they are after all OUR FUTURE!!

  3. Richard Fraser 24. Mar, 2011 at 3:18 pm #

    Latest updates:

  4. GPA Calculator 28. Mar, 2011 at 5:00 am #

    It was just a matter of time before teacher assistants would be cut as the schools have to find some way to cut expenses. However, it is unfortunate because the students are the ones who really suffer in this situation. I am against cutting teacher assistants because they do so much to help in the classroom and to further a child’s education.

  5. Karen Harley 14. May, 2012 at 9:25 pm #

    Classroom Assistants in Fife Council are on a 90 day consultation with the liklehood of the Classroom Assistant (now called Pupil Support Assistants – Level 1)post being removed. PSA 1’s are the ones who are picking up the duties of the last cuts in staff i.e playground supervisors/kitchen staff/clerical staff/Learning Support staff/bilingual support staff/IT staff, while still implementing their own job remits. Who will do these tasks if the PSA1 is removed? The Classroom Assistant initiative was put in place to help raise attainment in schools….it is the children who will suffer if these posts are removed. These cuts may save money but are detrimental to childrens education.

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